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W H Y  W O R K  W I T H  M E?





Actionable Change.

While therapy looks different for everyone, most of my clients are looking for a more active, creative, supportive approach and enjoyable experience that provides them with genuine connection and concrete skills to apply to and improve their everyday lives. I firmly hold the belief that while therapy can be challenging and difficult, it can also be a fun and joyful process. Therefore, I bring an authentic playful, collaborative, humorous energy into our work together, and I always work from a deeply genuine, transparent, and vulnerable place of shared human connection. My goal is to help humanize my clients' experiences while also providing an arsenal of practical tools and techniques. Therapy is a huge investment in yourself and your life, and I, too, am fully invested in helping you realize significant and observable change.  


In addition, my unique education, qualifications and experiences, which include Western psychology and psychotherapy training alongside Eastern healing philosophies and practices, allow me to focus on the connection of mind, body and spirit in an integrative, creative, holistic and nontraditional way not often provided or readily available in the mainstream. While I certainly value, trust and utilize conventional science, education and evidence-based practices, I have always been drawn to seeking a more holistic understanding of humanity.  The work I do, which is largely inspired by providing that balanced and holistic therapeutic experience, is so much more than just a job to me; it truly is my life's passion.

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