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M Y  S T O R Y


Free your mind.

Free your life.

In pursuit of my passion to help people be their best, healthiest and most authentic self, I have received formal training and education in cognitive based psychotherapies, positive psychology, Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

Leaving New Jersey for the Midwest, I attended Washington University in St. Louis where I double majored in Psychology and in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Children's Studies. During my junior year, I spent 5 months abroad studying positive psychology in Copenhagen, Denmark. After my college graduation, I moved to NYC and started my professional journey as an Elementary School Teacher in Brooklyn, New York, while also completing my Masters in Teaching. My passion to provide social, emotional and psychological support led me to pursue my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. Wanting to further combine my passion for mental health and social justice, I then worked as a counselor at a high school in Brooklyn, NY.

Despite my love and passion for my work, I felt a crucial aspect of my training was missing, which led me to Bali, Indonesia to obtain my Yoga Teacher Certification. The 200-hour teacher training course and my time spent attending workshops and lectures in Thailand and India provided me the opportunity to expand my spirituality, extensively study and practice Buddhist philosophy, meditation and mindfulness techniques and focus on the power of movement and breath to quiet and calm the mind. 

In 2020, I started working as a psychotherapist in a group private practice, and in 2022, I founded my own private practice, Peace of Mind Therapy NYC. 

I have made a lifelong commitment to be in service of others and to do my part in making sure that everyone has the opportunity to prosper and thrive. I truly believe that the act of supporting, empowering, and investing time, energy, care and respect can alter an individual’s life and ultimately change the world for the better. I feel it is a tremendous honor to work as a therapist, to bear witness to other’s stories and to hold space for people to share and speak their truth. There is nothing that would give me a feeling of greater joy, accomplishment and pride than joining you on your unique journey to living an authentic, healthy life.

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