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M Y   T H E R A P Y   S T Y L E






Passionate about using an integrative and holistic approach, I believe that there is no "one size fits all" in therapy and aim to help my clients improve all facets of their wellbeing, including mind, body and spirit. With extensive experience and training in cognitive based therapies, positive psychology, mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy, and meditative practices, I aim to create nontraditional therapeutic spaces in which I'm able to truly get to know and understand my clients in comprehensive and meaningful ways to uniquely tailor therapy sessions to each client’s needs. Generally, I work to help my clients broaden their awareness, gain insight, challenge self-defeating patterns, learn healthy coping skills, live mindfully and authentically and to seek their own unique version of joy.

While therapy is undoubtedly hard work, it can also be joyful and fun, which is why I love to bring a playful, collaborative, humorous energy into our work together. I believe that my own human experience is what makes me an effective therapist, and so I always engage with my clients from a deeply genuine, transparent, and vulnerable place of shared human connection. I'm Jenna, first, and therapist, second.


I tend to play a more active role in sessions and believe it’s important to offer psycho-education, supportive reflection, feedback, and skills training when appropriate. While the seeds of change, awareness and deeper understanding of self and others are planted during our sessions together, actionable change happens between sessions when you have the opportunity to put your hard work into practice. Therefore, I provide my clients with an arsenal of practical tools and techniques and may provide "homework," activities, practices and readings to help reinforce and strengthen actionable change. Since I work from an integrative perspective and use a variety of modalities and techniques, I may purposefully alter my level of participation from session to session based on individual client needs and our unique working relationship.

Above all, I believe that the strongest therapeutic relationships are built on genuine connection and care, trust, respect, transparency, empathy and collaboration, and I always counsel from an authentic and nonjudgmental place of understanding and compassion.

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